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Shopping Malls
  • Northbound Bank Use Case
    Northbound Bank

    Northbound Bank is a leading financial institution providing customers with credit cards, mortgages, commercial banking, auto loans, investing & retirement planning, checking and business banking. Guest Wi-Fi is available at various bank branches so customers can get online and access mobile services.

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  • Kalea Use Case

    Kalea Furniture is an upscale home goods brand featuring modern yet timeless furniture.
    Customers love visiting Kalea because of the cozy ‘at-home’ feel the store layout provides, helping customers easily envision items inside their own homes. Furniture shopping is rarely a quick in-and-out purchase. As customers browse around Kalea, they can get connected to the guest Wi-Fi and access special coupons.

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  • Pexa

    Customers visit Pexa to pump gas, receive standard car maintenance and repairs that keep their cars looking brand new. Pexa offers free guest Wi-Fi, helping make wait times more bearable for customers.

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  • Capalli

    Capalli is a sample high-end car dealership, focused on everything from design and quality, to safety and reliability. Capalli specializes in quality customer service which includes a captivating guest Wi-Fi experience.

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  • Astor
    Astor Shopping Centers

    The Astor Group is a sample shopping center chain with stores for fashion, beauty and lifestyle. Astor provides a seamless Guest Wi-Fi experience with a quick, easy and secure connection.

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  • Quality Healthcare

    Quality Healthcare is a sample hospital chain delivering top-notch patient care. Providing guest Wi-Fi with interactive applications makes visitors’ wait time more bearable.

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  • London University

    London University is an educational and research institution. This university empowers students to extend productivity and stay updated with school events and news through guest Wi-Fi.

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  • Sleep Tight

    Sleep Tight is a sample motel chain providing parking and accommodations. This chain offers a bundle of guest Wi-Fi services to enrich customers’ stay.

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  • Diamond

    Diamond is a sample luxurious resort chain offering pampering spa treatments. Diamond turns one-time visitors in to loyal customers through enhanced guest Wi-Fi.

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  • Cilantro on Top

    Cilantro on Top is a sample restaurant chain with Mexican cuisine from tacos & burritos to regional specialties. This chain offers customers a captivating online engagement through guest Wi-Fi.

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  • Corner Market

    Corner Market is a sample grocery chain carrying food, produce, baked goods and other household items. Customers can check out online offers and promotions while in-store.

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  • Lyria Café

    Lyria Café is a sample family-friendly chain featuring Italian standard cuisine. Lyria engages customers through guest Wi-Fi connectivity while they enjoy their meal.

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  • Cup of Coffee

    Cup of Coffee is a sample coffeehouse chain serving up a variety of drinks, pastries and snacks. This chain offers customers more than just free guest Wi-Fi – it offers an enjoyable experience as well.

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  • The Mall

    The Mall is a sample mall including stores for fashion, beauty, lifestyle and food. The Mall provides an enriched digital experience for customers on site.

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  • Star

    Star is a sample big-box retailer carrying clothing, beauty products, electronics, groceries, etc. Star’s guest Wi-Fi experience takes shopping to the next level.

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  • Adanira

    Adanira is a sample high-end fashion retailer selling apparel & accessories for men and women. Customers can check out online promotions while browsing inside the store.

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  • Cool

    Cool is a sample fashion chain selling casual apparel & accessories for women. Cool provides an engaging and interactive in-store experience for shoppers.

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