Cloud4Wi for
Plasma Cloud

Discover how Cloud4Wi adds value on top of Plasma Cloud

Plasma Cloud

About Plasma Cloud

Plasma Cloud offers cloud management for your entire network. Easy to deploy, scale and manage networks from everywhere, any time. WiFi Access Points and PoE Switches in a variety of sizes to match your budget & needs bundled with complimentary cloud management.

Seamless set-up, advanced functionality

Cloud4Wi on-top of Plasma Cloud enables you to deliver
a unique enterprise WiFi experience while offering value for every stakeholder
while complying with privacy regulations, without any added complexity.

Global data compliance

Remain compliant with data protection regulations on a global scale with granular control over data processing

Unlimited integrations

Seamlessly integrate WiFi with your systems –such as CRM– to streamline existing operations workflows

Real-time location services

Deliver innovative location-aware experiences with real-time location services

Location analytics

Obtain valuable insights into WiFi users, including their identity and behavior while in your locations