Embrace Passpoint and connect your guests automatically and securely


Innovative companies rely on Cloud4Wi

Burger King
Javits center

Streamline the guest WiFi access with Passpoint

Offer an automatic, portal-free and
secure way to guests to connect to your WiFi

You're automatically connected to Secure WiFi


Automatically connect guests
–with or without mobile app–
upon their arrival


Offer fully-encrypted WiFi
connectivity (WPA2 / WPA3)
at your locations


Let guests connect
seamlessly across your
locations worldwide

How Passpoint secure WiFi works

Grant instant, secure WiFi access to your guest with and without mobile app,
after once-in-a-lifetime authentication

without mobile app

The guest receives a web link –via email, text message, QR code, etc. – to download the Passpoint profile to his/her device.
Then he/she follows simple on-screen instructions.

push notification to add WiFi netowrk

The guest with the mobile app views a call to action –such a push notification or a banner– to add the company’s WiFi network among his/her preferred ones. The Passpoint profile is automatically provisioned.

Scan the QR Code to view how Passpoint works

Demo experience QR code
Your device is automatically and securely connected to WiFi thanks to OpenRoaming

Automatic and secure WiFi experiences globally

Embrace the future of WiFi. Embrace OpenRoaming

  • Let your guests connect to WiFi in third-party locations while Open your networks to unknown visitors that authenticate through OpenRoaming
  • Join the Open Roaming federation and let visitors connect automatically to your network
  • Engage roaming users (via next generation captive portal) and convert them into first-party contacts

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