Embrace Passpoint and connect your users automatically and securely


Leading global enterprises rely on Cloud4Wi

Javits center
The cordish company
New York Botanical Garden

Streamline the WiFi access with Passpoint

Offer an automatic, portal-free and secure way for users to connect to your WiFi

You're automatically connected to Secure WiFi


Automatically connect WiFi users
–with or without mobile app–
upon their arrival


Offer fully-encrypted WiFi
connectivity (WPA2 / WPA3)
at your locations


Let WiFi users connect
seamlessly across your
locations worldwide

Easily provision your Passpoint profile

Grant instant, secure WiFi access to your users with and without mobile app,
after once-in-a-lifetime activation

Web portals

Captive Portal

Use captive portal to easily enroll WiFi users in Passpoint by downloading the required profile onto their devices during the onboarding

Mobile App

Connect user devices directly through your mobile app by leveraging our WiFi SDK – with no hit to performance or battery life

Web portal

Onboard user devices via a fully customizable web portal – e.g. custom user registration flows and SSO with corporate directories

Customize your Passpoint secure WiFi experience

Create Passpoint onboarding experiences
that work for your company and users in multiple scenarios

without mobile app
push notification to add WiFi netowrk

See the WiFi manufacturers Cloud4Wi works with

Easily launch new Passpoint WiFi initiatives,
thanks to Cloud4Wi’s hardware independence

Extreme Networks

Featured product documentation

At a glance
Gain a comprehensive view of Cloud4Wi’s Passpoint solution
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Onboarding via mobile app
Easily onboard your mobile app users into your Passpoint-based network
Discover how
Onboarding via captive portal
Discover how you can streamline the Passpoint onboarding via the captive portal
Simplify your onboarding

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