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Open Mesh Overview

The Open Mesh MR Series provides a complete, cloud-managed guest WiFi solution with a dual-band access point, an optional outdoor enclosure, and CloudTrax, a free and easy-to-use enterprise grade cloud-based controller. The Open Mesh MR Series is ideal for providing robust internet coverage just about anywhere businesses need to share a connection. Each access point is a mesh gateway and repeater and can be clipped to a t-rail ceiling, mounted to a solid wall or ceiling, or installed outdoors with the outdoor enclosure. The Open Mesh CloudTrax is packed with powerful features to meet the demands of IT professionals, yet is easy enough to be deployed by someone with little to no network experience.

What can an integrated Cloud4Wi and Open Mesh WiFi solution offer?

  • Carrier-grade guest WiFi offer enables the creation of fully brandable welcome portals
  • WiFi analytics offer in-depth and informative on-site customer insights
  • WiFi marketing tools provide powerful customer engagement capabilities
  • Open environment allows a seamless integration with third-party systems

Together, Cloud4Wi and Open Mesh can help businesses drive on-site revenue in ways that were never before possible.

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