According to the PwC’s Annual Global Total Retail Consumer Survey, physical stores remain the primary retail touch point for consumers. As a result, mobile devices are incorporated into the customer journey to add value and connect the digital and in-store experience. Providing effective in-store information through Guest Wi-Fi helps retailers transform the mobile technology into an efficient medium in the retail industry.

Customers have specific expectation of retailers and their in-store Wi-Fi experience. They use their mobile devices to research products, check out the latest arrivals, compare prices, locate stores, use coupons and access loyalty/reward programs. To keep shoppers satisfied, retailers must provide a superior customer experience to exceed expectations.

Cloud4Wi enables retailers to offer an enriched in-store guest Wi-Fi experience, collect valuable information on customers’ behaviors and push targeted marketing campaigns. This way they can converge their online and physical presence and empower shoppers to gain knowledge online, validate their choices and make final decisions in stores.

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