NRF 2016

January 17-19, 2016
New York

NRF 2016

Cloud4Wi at NRF 2016!

National Retail Federation is hosting its biggest retail show in New York from January 17-20 and Cloud4Wi is excited to be sending its executive team to showcase the powerful possibilities behind its Guest Wi-Fi solution. Find them alongside partner Aerohive Networks and see how Aerohive’s networking equipment together with Cloud4Wi’s Guest Wi-Fi and location analytics solutions provide retailers a new opportunity to tackle current customer challenges.

Today more than ever, in-store shoppers are eagerly trying to connect to the store Wi-Fi. Retailers are seizing this opportunity by enlisting help from Cloud4Wi.

With Cloud4Wi’s easy Guest Wi-Fi solution, retailers can customize a branded splash portal and get customers connected in just seconds. Once connected, customers are able to browse the web to price compare, read product reviews and search for promos and deals – all the same activities they do while shopping online.

For the first time ever, in-store retailers are able to match the e-commerce experience. Cloud4Wi helps align in-store analytics with online knowledge, truly maximizing insight on customers and providing retailers a clear understanding of the buying journeys their customers take.

With such valuable information, retailers can leverage this data to engage their customers on a deeper level. By being able to pinpoint exactly where a shopper is, at a specific time on a specific day, retailers can customize campaigns and send targeted promos and messages to entice shoppers to make purchases. Retailers then reap the benefits of increased in-store revenue.

If you’re attending NRF and would like to learn more about how Cloud4Wi can help you engage customers, find the Cloud4Wi team members in booth #4449 or schedule a meeting by filling out this contact form.