corporate guest wifi

Clients, vendors, auditors, and contractors are visiting enterprise offices every day, carrying laptops and smartphones with them and looking to connect to the WiFi. Most companies already have a standard wired or wireless network in place, giving employees access to a network of internal resources. In order to protect this internal WiFi network from potential outside breaches, it’s best practice for IT to establish a separate guest network.

Adding a layer of guest WiFi can prevent visitors from accessing the main network, while still keeping them happy with much-wanted Internet access. But what’s the best way to get them connected?

We’ve created a new use case to showcase how WiFi in corporate offices can be hassle-free. Introducing Locke Enterprises, a sample enterprise company offering WiFi to office visitors with fast onboarding and without IT and staff assistance.

Request a demo today and see how establishing a separate guest WiFi network in corporate offices can be easy.

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