We recently completed a huge deployment and are excited to share the process and outcomes in our newest success story.

Commuters, travelers, and station visitors are increasingly relying on getting connected to Wi-Fi to fulfill their travel experiences – accessing mobile boarding passes, checking for timetables, looking up journey details, and searching for points of interest.

The Italian State Railways Group, Gruppo FS Italiane, has always been a driving force behind technology innovation within the European rail industry and very early on, recognized the need to meet the demand for guest Wi-Fi.

Gruppo FS Italiane set about devising project Wi-Life Station to offer visitors a better digital experience inside their stations, while at the same time, collect valuable information about these visitors and their behavior. Wi-Life Station aimed to redesign the concept of the station, embracing the idea of a smart station in a smart city to offer an appealing digital experience in the physical space. To execute this large project, Gruppo FS Italiane turned to Cloud4Wi.

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