New Italian Cinema 2015

December 8, 2015
San Francisco

New Italian Cinema

Cloud4Wi at New Italian Cinema!

Exploring the rich cinematic tradition of Italy and discovering its newest generation of filmmakers, this 19th edition of New Italian Cinema will feature new work from some of the country’s brightest luminaries as well as exciting emerging talent. From nuanced coming-of-age dramas to depictions of artistic lives onstage or onscreen, this year’s slate revels in the art of storytelling. Bookended by the work of masters Paolo Sorrentino, Nanni Moretti and the Taviani brothers, the series also presents seven compelling works by up-and-coming directors competing for the City of Florence prize.

Cloud4Wi is a proud sponsor of New Italian Cinema. We are honored to actively support a wide variety of amazing works in the Italian community created by emerging talents as well as luminaries and we really look forward to this event! For more information about the New Italian Cinema, please visit here.

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