Network Assurance

Easily pinpoint issues in your Cisco Meraki networks

Leading global enterprises rely on Cloud4Wi

Streamline Cisco Meraki network troubleshooting

Gain an in-depth analysis of issues by location or device,
through our powerful network assurance tool

Anomaly detection

Effortlessly determine the presence of issues within your network services. Instantly gauge the severity of each alert through color-coded tags, and identify overlooked firmware upgrades and device downtimes.

Inventory audit

Access a complete inventory overview, including the ability to view devices and firewall configurations, and an SSID map, ensuring the network remains policy-compliant and up to standard.

Connection logs

Analyze connection logs to pinpoint issues. Review historical data for both wireless and wired device connections, detailing traffic usage and connection failures for each device.


Use real network data for effective and cost-efficient network architecture decisions. Key metrics include connected devices, application usage, failed connections, error messages, and more.

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