July 11, 2024

Cloud4Wi’s First Ever NABA’s Got Talent was a Success!


Cloud4Wi congratulates the winners of the first edition NABA’s Got Talent, an innovation-focused competition that took place at the New Accademia di Belle Arti (NABA) in Milan.

Organized in collaboration with Massimo Pettiti, professor of “Design Management” at the NABA, the competition started on October 3rd 2018 and concluded on February 6th 2019, when the winners were proclaimed.

Why the NABA’s Got Talent?

At Cloud4Wi, we believe that young talents are the key driver of innovation and we wanted to find individuals who could help take Cloud4Wi’s value proposition to the next level.
The competition kicked off on the first day when Mauro Aprile Zanetti, Chief Evangelist at Cloud4Wi, presented students with the challenge of coming up with innovative ideas and concepts from scratch.
Eighty students, divided into eleven teams, competed in the NABA’s Got Talent competition by developing innovative use cases — including applications — using Cloud4Wi’s application suite.
Each team worked hard for months and everyone came up with compelling projects which made it difficult for judges to select “the best of the best”.
The judges included Professor Massimo Pettiti, his assistant, Bel Barreiros, and Elena Briola, VP Marketing at Cloud4Wi.
The three winning teams were selected based on the following criteria:
1) Consistency with Cloud4Wi’s business
2) Persuasive storytelling
3) Comprehensive pitch
4) Innovation.

The winners at the NABA’s Got Talent

1st place

Team “Beauty Store”

The team developed a “beauty stylish” application that uses in-store WiFi to create a new personalized experience in beauty stores. The team was consisted of Carla Di Benedetto, Laura Ippolito, Stephanie Ndonda, Xie Meixin, Zhou Shuting, and Luo Yu.

2nd place

Team “Hotel”

The team developed an application that provided tailored, special experiences to hotel guests starting from the time of booking, so they can feel at home when they arrived at the location. Team members included Joahanna-Lisete Alling, Joye, Aishwarya Machat Menon, Solhee, Eline, Dilan Yasa, and Celine Abou Jaaude.

3rd place

Team “Entertainment”

The team developed an application, called Club4Wi, that enabled club guests to build their own experiences, that started and ended beyond the club. The team consisted of Davide D’Ambrogio, Alessia Nobile, Valentina Gnocchi, Giacomo lenardon, Nour Choukeir, Joelle Jabbour, and Maria Bejjani.

I was very impressed by all the teams and their understanding of specific industry challenges, and their ability to intelligently enable them to build compelling and unique experiences through our technology,” said Elena Briola, VP Marketing at Cloud4Wi. “The NABA’s Got Talent is at its first edition, but we are sure that it will continue to be an opportunity to celebrate talents at the NABA in the years to come.

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