That’s a Wrap! The Second Edition of NABA’s Got Talent is Complete

June 18, 2019

Cloud4Wi congratulates the winners of the second edition NABA’s Got Talent, an innovation-focused competition that took place at the New Accademia di Belle Arti (NABA) in Milan.

Organized in collaboration with Massimo Pettiti, professor of “Design Management” at the NABA, the competition started on March 19th 2019 and concluded on May 21st 2019, when the winners were proclaimed.

What’s new in this second edition NABA’s Got Talent?

At Cloud4Wi, we believe that young talents are the key driver of innovation and we wanted to find individuals who could help take Cloud4Wi’s value proposition to the next level. The main goal of this second edition was to discover what the Gen Zs expect from luxury brands in terms of customer experience.

About eighty students, all belonging to the Gen Z segment, participated in the competition. We divided them into eleven teams, and students competed by developing innovative use cases —through Cloud4Wi’s application suite—based on their real needs.

The three winning teams were selected based on the following criteria:

  1. Consistency with Cloud4Wi’s business
  2. Persuasive storytelling
  3. Comprehensive pitch
  4. Innovation.

The winners at the second edition NABA’s Got Talent

1st place

Team # 12

The team developed an innovative and holistic customer experience starting from an in-depth understanding of Gen Zs’ pain points and needs at brand’s stores. The team consisted of Wu Jiayi, Sun Jia Li, Giardina Chiara Maria Jesus, Torrisi Emanuele, Coco Giada, Strano Michele Andrea and Rucci Angela.

2nd place

Team # 6

The team developed an application that provided tailored, special experiences to the customers at brand’s stores. Team members included Rizzo Pierluigi, D’alessandro Giorgio, Sconza Mirko, Cotta Ramosino Francesco, Brasili Matteo, Monterisi Marika and Dong Xiaoxuan.

3rd place

Team # 10

The team designed fresh compelling customer experiences based on new ways they would like to connect with the brand. The team consisted of Coffano Cristina, Latorre Antonia, Rinaldi Giulia, Russo Costanza, Notaristefano Valeria, Scorza Francesca and Zhong Yanying.




We are very proud to have completed the second edition NABA’s Got Talent! NABA is home to some highly creative and intelligent minds, and we’re fortunate that we had the opportunity to tap into its talent pool. All the teams built unique experiences through our technology.” said Elena Briola, VP Marketing at Cloud4Wi. “I was very impressed by the winning team who mixed a full understanding of customer needs, innovation, and passionate storytelling.

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