Many hotels in Mykonos, one of the most popular cosmopolitan islands in Greece, have decided to provide their guests with free Wi-Fi. They wanted to meet the guests’ primary need of being always connected during their stay.

Needless to say, they selected Cloud4Wi to tackle this challenge!

We provided our innovative cloud Wi-Fi platform and our partner, PopSpot Networks, delivered their full-branded managed Wi-Fi services.

The main reason Mykonos hotels’ selected Cloud4Wi was the opportunity we offered them to be rewarded for their free Wi-Fi. Since using Cloud4Wi, they have driven sales, strengthened their social media presence and collected relevant information about their guests.

“Cloud4Wi not only provides tourists with a free and stable Wi-Fi service, it also offers our customers analytical data to help them segment and market to their customer base.”
Konstantinos Andronikos, PopSpot Networks

“We are so excited with all the new ways PopSpot Networks has given us to instantly promote and cross-sell our hotels’ services.”
Kostas Spanos, Semeli Group of Companies

“Our Facebook page like rate tripled and as a result, the need for paid Facebook advertising is minimized. This is impressive!”
Markos Andronikos, Andronikos Hotel