Mobile SDK

Empower your app
with Cloud4Wi’s mobile SDK


Leading global enterprises rely on Cloud4Wi

Javits center
The cordish company
New York Botanical Garden

Shape frictionless location-aware experiences

Harness the full potential of your mobile app
by integrating Cloud4Wi’s unique multi-technology SDK

wifi location sdk


Connect app users and
deterministically reveal their behaviors
within your locations

GPS location sdk

Geofence SDK

Detect when app users enter, dwell or
leave designated outdoor areas,
effortlessly unlocking geofence events

Discover Cloud4Wi’s WiFi SDK

Automatic and secure WiFi connection

Provide users with automatic and secure access to all app features – even when there is no cellular coverage

Deterministic location accuracy

Gain deterministic accuracy when tracking on-premise events thanks to unique Cloud4Wi’s WiFi SDK

OS location services independence

Track on-premises events regardless of OS location services. Don’t worry about low location permission rates

No battery drain

Integrate CloudWi’s WiFi SDK in your iOS and Android app without worrying about battery drain or performance issues

Discover Cloud4Wi’s Geofence SDK

Unrivaled location accuracy

Pinpoint your app users right down to outdoor location front – 100+ position each day with accuracy up to 5-10 m

Low battery drain

With Cloud4Wi’s Geofence SDK, extend your battery life significantly – up to 90% more than native location services

Elevate your mobile app development journey
confidently with Cloud4Wi

Quick set up

Experience a smooth integration of Cloud4Wi’s mobile SDK – effortlessly syncing with your current systems


Be confident in your compliance through Cloud4Wi’s mobile SDK – entirely based on user consent


Experience unparalleled scalability for millions of locations and daily users, with enterprise-grade security and support

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Connect app users and deterministically reveal their on-premise behaviors
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Geofence SDK
Detect when app users enter, dwell or leave the designated geofences
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Demo app
Use the demo app to test our SDKs before integrating them into your app
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