Cloud4Wi Named One of the Top 10 Most Customer-Centric Retail Solution Providers by Mirror Review

June 25, 2019
the Top 10 Most Customer-Centric Retail Solution Providers

We are very excited – and more than a little proud – that Cloud4Wi has been selected by Mirror Review as one of The 10 Most Customer-centric Retail Solution Providers To Opt For In 2019.

Who are the 10 most customer-centric retail solution providers?

We’re honored to be included among other great companies! All of the solution providers on the list are doing exciting things and together they are making massive changes in retail. Aside from Cloud4Wi, the list includes AOPEN Solutions, Bluesnap, Detego, Matrix Analytics, Signify, SmartCard Marketing Systems, Stash, Swyfts, and Wavelet Solutions.

What Mirror Review says

Here’s what Mirror Review has to say about the roundup: “In our latest magazine, we profile the prominent customer-centric retail solutions providing companies of the digital era. These featured companies enlighten us about the market gaps, ethos behind their inceptions, and strategic approaches that make them the industry leaders.”

Why Mirror Review selected Cloud4Wi

According to Mirror Review, Cloud4Wi allows retailers to transform customers into brand ambassadors, by delivering personalized and consistent customer experiences across the physical and digital worlds. Cloud4Wi helps offline retailers leverage in-store WiFi for transfiguring the customer experience with fostered customer insights, driving revenue in an unparalleled manner.

The special Mirror Review’s magazine also includes an excellent profile of Cloud4Wi that extensively explains how we can help retailers better understand and engage their customers.

We thank Mirror Review for this great honor.

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