Location-aware Experiences

Unleash innovative location-aware experiences for success in an ever changing digital marketplace

Location aware experiences

Leading global enterprises rely on Cloud4Wi

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Transform the way you build location-based app experiences

Uncover a new level of accuracy with Cloud4Wi’s mobile SDK – indoors and outdoors –
regardless of the operating system’s location services.
Experience unrevealed accuracy without compromising privacy

Location aware

Deterministic location awareness

Gain deterministic location awareness when tracking on-premises events thanks to Cloud4Wi’s unique WiFi SDK

OS location services independence

Track on-premises events regardless of OS location services. Don’t worry about low location permission rates


Collect on-premises and geofence events based on app users’ consent. Store/delete them based on your privacy policy

Get all you need to shape great location-aware experiences

Cloud4Wi makes it easy for you to build location-based app experiences.
You will have all you need, right at your fingertips.

Locaton aware experiences

Mobile SDK

Integrate CloudWi’s SDK in your iOS and Android app to start generating on-premises and geofence events

Webhooks and APIs

Leverage Cloud4Wi’s rich set of webhooks and APIs to seamlessly take actions on detected events

Locations and geofences

Easily manage unlimited locations and geofences with Cloud4Wi’s cloud-based dashboard

Have peace of mind when adopting Cloud4Wi

Build your location-based app experiences with confidence
thanks to Cloud4Wi’s robust toolkit

Location Aware Experiences

Events list

Easily explore on-premises and geofence events with Cloud4Wi’s interactive map and search capabilities

Demo app

Test out Cloud4Wi’s mobile SDK capabilities in-field through Toolkit apps on iOS and Android

Extensive tech documentation

With access to Cloud4Wi’s complete technical documentation, you can be up and running in no time

Create your location-aware experiences

Create location-based app experiences
that work for your company and users in multiple scenarios