Drive revenue with location-based marketing

Location-based marketing solution

Meet Compass. The most comprehensive location-based marketing platform that helps innovative companies fill the offline gap of the digital customer journey

filling the offline digital customer journey gap

Leading global enterprises rely on Cloud4Wi

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Acquire customers with location-based marketing


Add customers in your locations to your subscriber lists

  • Rapidly convert customers that are visiting your locations into text message and email subscribers
  • Create click-worthy sign-up journeys that match with your company’s look and feel
  • Define and promote reward programs to increase sign-up rate
  • Leverage several channels to get customers to sign up (WiFi splash page, QR code, text-to-join, and mobile app download)
  • Remain fully compliant with data protection regulations on a global scale


Gain visibility over customer offline behaviors

  • Illuminate customer offline behaviors both inside and outside your locations through WiFi, BLE and GPS
  • Learn real-time about customer actions and activities inside and outside your locations
  • Understand customer habits and interests as well as their preferences and opinions
  • Have peace of mind from a compliance point of view with a 100% consent-based approach
Customer offline behavior dashboard
Customer segmentation dashboard


Identify the perfect segment to target

  • Group customers based on their offline behaviors, demographics and much more
  • Target the perfect offline segment with messages that resonate and inspire action
  • Discover similarities and differences between offline and online audiences


Deliver perfectly targeted messages

  • Target the right customers at the right moment — at the right time and place
  • Send timely messages based on real-time, customer offline actions to drive purchases
  • Deliver perfectly targeted messages by profiling customers based on dynamically computed advanced offline attributes
  • Leverage Cloud4Wi’s out of the box marketing tools or feed customer offline data into your existing martech stack
Text message marketing sms examples
Location-based marketing attribution dashboard


Measure business performance and marketing impact

  • Uplevel your location-based marketing strategy thanks to a powerful data-driven approach
  • Evaluate location-based marketing performance based on hard numerical indicators 
  • Identify highest performing strategies for customer data collection 
  • Directly attribute digital marketing campaigns to visits in your locations, ultimately optimizing your location-based marketing efforts

Why Compass

Innovative companies worldwide rely on our location-based marketing platform
to bring relevant and meaningful customer journeys to life


Unleash countless mobile-focused use cases with and without mobile app, inside and outside of your locations

compliance framework

Remain compliant with data protection regulations on a global scale with granular control over data processing


Bring customer offline data into your existing tools in just a few clicks through 50+ ready-to-use connectors

A sample customer journey

customer journey map

See results by numbers


faster customer data collection


lift in click-through rate



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