April 20–22, 2016
Florence, Italy


Cloud4Wi at IT4Fashion!

IT4Fashion is an industrial and scientific conference and exhibition in Florence, where fashion companies, brands, practitioners, researchers and software houses across Europe, discuss IT technologies and success stories in the field of fashion and luxury.

We are excited to be represented by our partner TT Tecnosistemi at IT4Fashion and showcase how retailers can leverage advanced guest Wi-Fi to align offline and online experiences and boost their business.

Cloud4Wi offers Volare, the industry’s leading advanced guest Wi-Fi platform, to get shoppers connected while providing retailers with insightful metrics that reveal who their customers are. What’s more, Volare offers multi-level management that empowers IT managers to delegate control over policies and permissions. The cloud-based open platform enables businesses to promote their brand, and to learn about and better engage their customers, across all locations.

If you are attending IT4Fashion and would like to learn how your business can benefit from Volare, find the TT Tecnosistemi stand or contact us now.