Independent Retailer Conference 2015

August 2-5, 2015
Las Vegas

Independent Retailer Conference, Las Vegas

The Independent Retailer Conference is a one to four day experience dedicated entirely to the unique lifestyle and responsibilities of indie store owners with a focus on delivering in-store and e-commerce operational insight and expertise that can help independent merchants further succeed in their retail goals. Each Independent Retailer Conference delivers an action packed event that provides retailers and community leaders the chance to engage, learn and connect with retail experts, industry leaders, service providers and like-minded entrepreneurs. Attendees can expect an interactive experience that leaves them better educated and more inspired – with takeaway tools to bring back to their stores and retail communities.

Cloud4Wi is proud to announce its participation at IRC on August 2nd-5th 2015, in Las Vegas! Our innovative platform is used to enhance every aspect of Guest Wi-Fi and we look forward to sharing insights on how brands can provide customers with a seamless digital experience through Guest Wi-Fi.

Cloud4Wi will be represented at the event by the US VP of Sales, Brodie Kirkeby who will be delivering educational presentations and a workshop according to the following schedule:

August 2nd – 1:30pm – How to Learn More About Your Customers (15 min session)
An in-depth knowledge of customers while on site enables retailers to monitor and optimize their business performance leveraging the data captured. This session will discuss how Wi-Fi helps you understand your customers’ behaviors, and analyze their loyalty and engagement as well, even if they didn’t access your Guest Wi-Fi.


August 3rd – 10:30am – Use Your Guest Wi-Fi to Design Marketing Campaigns  (15 min session)
Customers expect to be connected no matter where they are. Therefore, they seek Guest Wi-Fi as a complementary perk at venue. During this session, you will learn how to use your Guest Wi-Fi to push marketing and advertising messages and drive customers’ purchase paths through a personable user journey.


August 4th – 12pm – Offering a One-Click Guest Wi-Fi Access to Your Customers (15 min session)
If you are not on board with Guest Wi-Fi yet or you are not aware of your Guest Wi-Fi potentials, join us in this session. You will learn why you need to offer a one-click Guest Wi-Fi access to increase your customers’ satisfaction and grow your business at the same time.


August 3rd – 3pm How to Enrich Your Omni Channel Strategies through Guest Wi-Fi (1 hour workshop)
According to the PwC’s Annual Global Total Retail Consumer Survey, physical stores remain the primary retail touch point for consumers. As a result, mobile devices are incorporated into the customer journey to add value and connect the digital and in-store experience. During this workshop, you will learn how to enrich your omni channel strategies through Guest Wi-Fi.

Visit us at the Cloud4Wi booth! We will be honored to connect with retail experts, industry leaders, service providers and like-minded entrepreneurs. For more information about the event, please click here.

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