Every day, clients, vendors, auditors, and contractors are visiting their offices and looking to connect to the Wi-Fi. While most companies already have a standard wired or wireless network in place, IT needs to protect the internal network from potential outside breaches.

Establishing a separate guest Wi-Fi isn’t just a standard best practice, it’s key for keeping visitors happy and for monitoring bandwidth and usage. But finding the ideal route to get visitors connected, without burdening IT and receptionists, is another story.

Volare helps companies of all sizes manage the on-boarding for visitors in offices, using their existing Wi-Fi infrastructure. Volare offers a new approach to validate visitor’s access to the Wi-Fi through a corporate sponsor. This sponsorship validation process ensures visitors receive Internet access and privileges without burdening IT and staff by individually on-boarding each visitor’s device.

In this webinar, you’ll learn about:

  • The huge need for corporate guest Wi-Fi
  • How to make office visitor on-boarding hassle-free
  • How to add 40% gross profit service to your portfolio