The Modern shoppers’ desires and behaviors are constantly changing. Due to the adoption of mobile devices, customers have access to information anytime and anywhere they want. As a result they are consulting multiple touch points before they make their final purchase decision. They use a variety of channels to browse and buy and each channel presents a specific value in the information it offers.

However brick and mortar retail stores still remain the stars during each customer’s shopping journey. Majority of shoppers like to shop in stores because they would like to touch and feel products before they buy. This is where retailers can really influence customers’ decisions based on a personalized in-store experience.

Retailers should also enable customers to gain knowledge online while browsing in stores. Shoppers look for reviews, ratings, pricing and general product availability online. This is an ideal opportunity for retailers to merge the online and physical retail experience into a superior mobile experience that truly resonates with customers and nurtures them through their purchase path.

Meeting customers’ shifting expectations, tracking the latest shopping trends and creating a one of a kind in-store experience could be daunting but in-store WiFi empowers retailers to stay ahead of the game.

In the Cloud4Wi webinar on March 30th, we discussed how the digital era and in-store are driving the future of physical stores, and how solution and managed service providers can support retailers in this big revolution. You will learn about:

  • Market opportunity for in-store WiFi in the retail industry
  • Criteria to select the proper in-store WiFi platform
  • Lessons learned by a leading player selling in-store WiFi solutions.

Watch this webinar to discover how in-store WiFi can help retailers in this digital era.

Watch the webinar