The ease and convenience of online shopping has changed consumer expectations for brick and mortar stores. Physical stores remain a critical part of the purchase journey because there, customers can see, touch and try out merchandise, and not have to wait for products to be shipped.

In fact, physical stores offer numerous advantages that ecommerce can’t match. Retailers who have in-store WiFi in place are able to provide shoppers with a superior digital welcome as they come into stores, providing an end-to-end mobile experience. However, many retailers have yet to embark upon this exciting opportunity, as they fear the perceived complexities of implementing a proper in-store WiFi.

 Cloud4Wi has recently published a white paper from Maravedis on reshaping the customer experience. This white paper will frame changes in the retail landscape including the growing need for in-store WiFi, and then help demystify what’s needed for successful in-store WiFi implementation.

Download this paper to learn how retailers can leverage their existing WiFi infrastructure to reshape the in-store experience.

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