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IgniteNet Overview

IgniteNet is taking a fresh approach to wireless networks with a focus on simplicity, ease of use and performance. IgniteNet provides the easiest and lowest cost solutions to grow networks with a wide range of access points and switches. Behind all of IgniteNet’s networking equipment is the IgniteNet Cloud Controller, delivering easy, powerful and affordable cloud- managed guest WiFi worldwide. Both SMBs and enterprise customers can rely on IgniteNet to support their guest WiFi needs through a comprehensive and flexible portfolio of solutions.

What can an integrated Cloud4Wi and IgniteNet WiFi solution offer?

  • Carrier-grade guest WiFi provides powerful management capabilities
  • WiFi analytics enable understanding the foot traffic in a specific venue
  • WiFi marketing tools mean to promote the business across multiple channels
  • Open environment allows a seamless integration with third-party systems

The integrated Cloud4Wi and IgniteNet solution allows businesses to easily extend guest WiFi to customers, increase on-site revenue, and inspire loyalty in ways that encourage long-lasting customer relationships.

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