With more than 30 years in business, HumanCompany operates camping villages, hotels, restaurants, and restaurant theaters across the Italian peninsula. Its properties include both urban and country locations, allowing guests to match campground relaxation with the amenities of a vacation village at a convenient location.

Guests want to stay in-touch, even on holidays

While HumanCompany guests, who together use more than 3.5 million bed nights each year, may want to get away from daily stress, they still want to stay in-touch. Providing first-class guest WiFi was an important challenge for the company.

Meeting that challenge – keeping guests easily connected while reaping business benefits from the guest WiFi offering – is a common issue for nearly all hospitality companies. A smart location analytics and marketing platform keeps guests in touch with two worlds, the one they usually inhabit and the special world of the hospitality venue.

Once on-premise, guests use WiFi to go online, while hospitality companies can offer information services  – through the WiFi welcome portal – including maps, coupons, daily schedules, and guest-specific personalized information.

HumanCompany’s choice

HumanCompany sought a platform that offered more than just guest connectivity, one capable of expanding guest services while collecting important insights about its patrons. The company selected Cloud4Wi Volare, the industry’s leading location analytics and marketing platform that leverages guest WiFi.

Boosting social media presence, by increasing likes and followers was a top goal. Facebook “likes” are a powerful word-of-mouth recommendation mechanism, coveted by businesses of all types, but especially important to hospitality companies, for whom personal recommendations from former guests can easily translate into both new and return visits.

By leveraging the powerful social login options offered by Volare  – such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and Instagram – HumanCompany has enhanced its social media reach to create stronger word-of-mouth recommendations from its guests and to improve its already high guest return rate for multiple stays. More than 828,000 users have accessed the network during its first year of operation, increasing social media presence nearly 40 percent.

Cloud4Wi has prepared a success story describing HumanCompany’s use of the Volare platform in greater detail, including business results and plans for future expansion. It also describes new use cases where information gathered drives improved guest experience and staff utilization, key future goals for Volare.

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