Mobile has completely redefined the retail rule book. Due to the rapid adoption of smart phones, tablets, and online shopping, customers have become much more demanding when it comes to their in-store experience. Retailers are struggling to keep up with both changing customer expectations and rapid technology developments. The good news for physical stores is that they remain the primary retail touch point, as shoppers still prefer to touch and feel products before they decide to buy. Moreover, most retail stores already have the Wi-Fi network in place to provide superior in-store mobile experiences

In this webinar, we will discuss how the digital era and guest Wi-Fi are driving the future of physical stores, and how solution and managed service providers can support retailers in this big revolution. You will learn about:

  • Market opportunity for guest Wi-Fi in the retail industry
  • Criteria to select the proper guest Wi-Fi platform
  • Lessons learned by a leading player selling guest Wi-Fi solutions.