Almod Diamonds is a leading jewelry manufacturer and retailer that sells merchandise across over 125 stores in the Caribbean, Mexico, and the US. Catering mostly to tourists, Almod Diamonds is the most highly-recommended store in the Caribbean and it’s also the world’s largest duty-free retailer.

The company has achieved tremendous success, and thanks to Cloud4Wi, Almod Diamonds is poised for even more growth.

Customer Database

The challenge of catering to tourists

The main challenge for Almod Diamonds was engaging people on a continuous basis. Most of the brand’s customers are tourists, so its stores — particularly in the Caribbean — didn’t see a lot of returning visitors. Most of the retailer’s customers would visit only once or stop by every few years. Almod needed a solution that would help them keep in touch and drive sales even after customers left the store.

Enter Cloud4Wi, which provided a solution that met the needs of Almod Diamonds.

Almod Diamonds

Using in-store WiFi to increase its customer database and boost engagement

In December 2017, Almod Diamonds launched Cloud4Wi’s solution across 80 locations in the Caribbean Islands. The company created branded splash pages for all its stores, which supported multiple languages (English, French, Deutsch). This enabled Almod Diamonds to collect customer data, while respecting their privacy.

And the best part? Cloud4Wi gave Almod the ability to validate email addresses, so the brand can ensure that it’s building a clean customer database that’s ready-to-use for marketing campaigns.

In addition to demographic and contact details, Almod Diamonds also gained behavioral insights into each customer’s store visits and dwell time. Going forward, the company plans to feed customer data into their Salesforce Marketing Cloud, so the brand can gain a 360-degree view of its customers.

Seeing tremendous results

Almod Diamond’s in-store WiFi initiatives were immensely successful. Using Cloud4Wi’s application suite, the brand grew its customer database while increasing engagement in the process.

Here are some of the results that the company has gained from deploying Cloud4Wi in its stores:

  • 130 customer profiles collected per store, monthly
  • 90% opt-in ratio
  • Discovered deeper insights into customer demographics and in-store behavior
  • Gained the ability to send out a welcome email while in the store

…and that’s just the beginning. Almod Diamonds has bigger plans to enrich its customer database and further communicate with customers so the brand can drive even more revenue.

Learn more about Almod Diamond’s success story by reading the full case study below.