Public Rails

Getting Commuters and Travelers Connected

We have a need to always be connected, even when we’re on the go. Travelers and commuters are becoming more demanding of WiFi at transportation hubs, that’s why we’ve created a new railway station use case. Introducing Public Rail, a sample European transit company.

As travelers patiently wait for their fleet to arrive, they can enjoy the free WiFi provided by Public Rail. The welcome portal is filled with helpful information such as maps, train schedules, and access to quick mobile app downloads. Visitors are encouraged to explore the station – restaurants, bars, coffee shops, stores, and more – with the indoor wayfinding feature provided. This makes it easy for travelers to navigate around the station efficiently. A survey is also available so each station can gather information on who visitors are and how often they frequent the station.

Request a demo today and see how offering guest WiFi at railway stations can enhance the traveling experience of those en route to their destination.

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