Guest Wi-Fi

Customize and manage your guest Wi-Fi


Welcome Portals

Welcome Portals

Volare offers fully customizable Welcome Portals so that the look and feel are in line with your brand.

    Internet Plans

    Internet Plans

    Flexible Internet Plans allow you to set policies, including free vs. paid use, one-time vs. recurring use, set traffic allowance and more.

      Login Profiles

      Login Profiles

      Provide customers a quick and seamless login process. Login options include click-through, social login, username and password, smart authentication, and more.



        Volare offers a variety of entertaining and informative applications to encourage customers to browse and stay connected longer.

          Get a deeper dive into what Volare Guest Wi-Fi has to offer.

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          Customize the Onboarding Experience

          access Journey

          Access Journey Management

          Design the path your customers take to get online. With Volare’s customizable Access Journey, you can engage customers while complementing your brand. Customers benefit from personalized and targeted advertisements, coupons and surveys – which can be triggered during various stages of the onboarding process.

          Turn customer opt-ins into marketing opportunities

          Grow customer databases

          During the login process, customers have the option to opt-in to receive marketing communications, such as subscribing to newsletters. Here, Volare collects customer data so you can build marketing lists, grow databases, and feed information into existing marketing automation and CRM tools. This can help better plan for future marketing campaigns.


          How does it work?

          Customers connect to your
          guest Wi-Fi

          Your branded Welcome Portal appears and prompts customers to log in

          Your customers get online while you collect valuable insights


          Design your guest Wi-Fi

          Customize every aspect of your guest Wi-Fi so it works for your location

          Promote your brand

          Create a Welcome Portal that shares business information

          Expand customer databases

          Build unique opt-in marketing lists

          Boost customer satisfaction

          Fast and easy guest Wi-Fi gets customers connected in just seconds


          Volare offers a collection of customized applications that can be added to your Welcome Portal. Choose the ones that best fit your business and location needs.

          • Let your customers chat with one another.
          • Provide indoor directions around your location.
            Indoor Wayfinding
          • Provide nearby business information and encourage customers to explore their surroundings.
          • Allow customers to post messages on a virtual bulletin board.
          • Keep customers informed with current events.
            Spot News
          • Conveniently display the local weather forecast.
          • Direct customers to your website and other related links.
            External Links