GPS location SDK

Reveal real-time customer behaviors
throughout the day with
our always-on approach

gps location sdk

Innovative companies rely on Cloud4Wi

Burger King
Javits center

Unrivaled accuracy with low battery drain

Cloud4Wi’s GPS location SDK is uniquely designed to
achieve high accuracy, while minimizing battery drain

unlimited geofences

High accuracy

Our GPS location SDK reveals 100+
positions each day with accuracy up
to 5-10 m, by supporting unlimited
geofences of any shapes

Low mobile battery drain

Low battery drain

Our GPS location SDK is uniquely
designed to minimize battery drain,
approximately 1% compared to total
consumption of all apps combined

Decentralize your customer offline data collection

Our one-of-a-kind decentralized GPS location SDK reveals
the highest quality customer offline data – without needing to store anything on your servers

reduce spending on server bills

server bills

Reduce spending by
relocating operating
burden to the edge:
bypass the need to store
data on your servers while
still getting real-time
customer behaviors

customer offline behaviors


Mitigate your data
compliance risk with
reveal customer offline
behaviors without having
to gain control of any
customer data.

gps location sdk that works regardless of mobile connectivity


Never miss a trigger,
even when there is no
mobile coverage.
guarantees full app
functionality regardless of
mobile connectivity.

Our location SDK makes your job easier

Quick set up

Our developer- and
marketer-friendly location
SDK ensures seamless
setup across your
martech stack


Our location SDK is
exclusively based on
customer consent,
revolving entirely around
first-party data

Enterprise ready

Our location SDK is
designed to scale for
millions of locations and
daily users, with enterprise
grade security and support