Airports want to be better connected to their people. And offering airport guest Wi-Fi helps improve customer experience, allowing travelers to stay connected to everything the airport has to offer.

Airports invested in becoming smarter and connected can enjoy a whole array of benefits such as being able to provide travelers with useful information, promote airport amenities, and offer discounts to airport retail stores.

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Airport Welcome Portal

Gerard Stewart Airport

This sample use case is for San Francisco.

Design the path people take to get online

Create ideal customer experiences to reach business goals and encourage customer engagement

A splash page ad appears promoting an airport amenity
User lands on the Welcome Portal and logs in
Once the traveler logins in, a survey is prompted asking about their experience
Minutes after the user logs in, an email is sent to them promoting current discounts at the airport retail stores and restaurants


See how different applications can be used to build the airport's brand and keep travelers happy

Gerard Stewart Airport Advertisement

Promote airport amenities and store promotions

Trigger splash page ads to bring attention to special in-store sales or amenities

Welcome Portal

Offer simple onboarding

Fully customizable Welcome Portals can be created so that the look and feel is in line with airport branding.

Gerard Stewart Airport Portal

Reach passengers minutes after they log in

Send personalized emails to visitors once they've connected to the Wi-Fi. This can encourage them to make on the spot purchases.


Collect valuable feedback

Prompt surveys to hear from travelers what areas the airport and stores can improve on.

Text Message

Reach passengers minutes after logging in

Send personalized text messages to visitors once they've logged in. This can encourage them to download an app or check out current store offerings.


Keep travelers browsing longer

Show the top headliners from reliable news outlets so travelers can stay updated with all the latest breaking news and spend more time online

Gerard Stewart Airport News
Gerard Stewart Airport Indoor Wayfinding
Indoor Wayfinding

Provide on-site station directions

Help travelers navigate to different points of interest within the terminal

External Links

Promote city attractions

From the Welcome Portal, link travelers to the airport homepage

Gerard Stewart Airport Home
Gerard Stewart Airport-external-tracker
External Links

Promote airport-related links

From the Welcome Portal, link users to the flight tracker to stay on schedule

External Links

Promote airport retail stores

From the Welcome Portal, link users to the store listing and information

Gerard Stewart Airport Weather

Provide weather updates

Let travelers know what the local forecast is for the next few days.


Discover attraction and retention rates

Gain valuable insights into who on-site visitors are and how they behave. Use this information to improve operations and business strategies.

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