This new high profile appointment will support the company’s global growth and innovation path with extensive expertise and experience

NEW YORK – March 2, 2020 – Cloud4Wi, the leader in location-based customer insights technology, is excited to announce that former Group President, Global Business Services (GBS) and Chief Information Officer of Procter & Gamble, Filippo Passerini, will be joining the company as an Advisory Board Member at a time of rapid growth.

A globally-recognized leader in technology-enabled business models, Mr. Passerini has over three decades of business-building experience with P&G, where he supervised technology and business services in more than 70 countries. Mr. Passerini’s insights and strategies have been featured in numerous books and articles, including publications in the Harvard Business Review. His work and business models have been recognized as best-in-class.

Mr. Passerini’s knowledge and expertise will offer a plethora of unbiased insights and innovative advice for Cloud4Wi. This will support the company’s global growth and innovation path.

It’s an absolute pleasure to join Cloud4Wi’s Advisory Board. The company is managed by extremely professional and accomplished individuals and offers a promising solution for the industry. Look forward to continuing to learn and explore new business models and technologies with Cloud4Wi” said Passerini.

It’s a real honor to have Filippo Passerini, one of the world’s most innovative leaders, join the Advisory Board,” said Andrea Calcagno, CEO and Co-Founder at Cloud4Wi. “Filippo’s experience and advice will give a deeper understanding of the industry to our management team, and allow us to become increasingly relevant to the needs of leading global companies.” Calcagno added, “Filippo also brings a fresh perspective to the board, and this will empower us to constantly evolve our long-term innovation strategy.


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