Enterprise guest WiFi

Offer simple enterprise-grade guest WiFi
and drive revenue

Enterprise guest wifi solution

Leading global enterprises rely on Cloud4Wi

Burger King
Javits center

See what works for you


Captive portal

Get your guests go online
through your fully branded
captive portal



Embrace Passpoint and
connect your guests
automatically and securely

WBA OpenRoaming

Deliver automatic and secure WiFi experiences globally with WBA OpenRoaming

Simplify guest WiFi management

Get your guest WiFi up and running in just a few clicks, 
while streamlining IT burden and lowering total cost of ownership

Wifi management dashboard

Quick and easy set-up

Launch new WiFi services or
optimize existing WiFi networks
with virtually no ramp-up time

Cloud management

Manage multiple brands,
locations, and countries from
one single cloud-based dashboard

Easy monitoring

Monitor guest WiFi usage across
your locations with analytics,
dashboards and logs

WiFi hardware independence

Integrate seamlessly over the top of existing WiFi networks, even when using
multiple WiFi manufacturers

Customize your guest WiFi services

Customize every aspect of your guest WiFi
so it works for your company and guests visiting your locations

Customize your guest WiFi services

Authentication methods

Select the authentication method that works for you. Choose among captive portal, Passpoint or WPA2-Enterprise

Onboarding journeys

Enrich the WiFi onboarding with
your own smart content – such as
surveys, coupons, and advertising

Internet access policies

Define how your guests will use your WiFi. Policies include free or pay-per-use,
time or traffic limit, and more

Deployment scenarios

Embrace one single solution to
offer WiFi services in your offices
and in your (public) locations

Integrate guest WiFi into your business strategies

Easily connect Cloud4Wi to the rest of the business systems currently in use,
embracing open-architecture principles

Connector marketplace

APIs and webhooks

Select from a rich set of APIs and
webhooks and automatically feed
your existing business systems

Ready-to-use connectors

Access 50+ ready-to-use connectors
available in Cloud4Wi’s marketplace
and connect your existing business tools


Easily leverage your existing
services for message delivery or
enable pay-per-use services

Custom connectors

If you don’t find the right connector
in our marketplace, Cloud4Wi
can create that for you in just a few days

Have peace of mind with data compliance

Be compliant with local data protection regulations on a global scale,
while still meeting your business needs

Data compliance


Easily localize the policies and
consents in each country you
offer guest WiFi in your locations

Data minimization and retention

Automatically collect and delete
personal data based on what you
declared in the privacy policy

Consent management

Manage your consents with granularity.
Track versioning, have a sync with your CRM, customize opt-ins, and more

Data subject requests

Give your guests complete control and transparency into the data collected about them through guest WiFi

Drive loyalty and revenue with the right guest WiFi solution

Send location-based content to your guests and
make marketing decisions based on their on-site behaviors

Location-based marketing

Location analytics

Location-based marketing

Send location-based, fully contextualized messages to your guests at exactly
the right time and place

Location Analytics

Discover how guests behave in
your locations and make more
informed business decisions

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