Endeavor: Fashion & Design – Innovation and Investment Trends

April 9, 2019
La Village, Milan, Italy


Cloud4Wi at Endeavor: Fashion & Design

Cloud4Wi is looking forward to meeting brands and partners at Fashion & Design – Innovation and Investment Trends on April 9 at La Village in Milan!
Organized by Endeavor Italy, an organization empowering entrepreneurs all around the world, the event promises to be an educational and insightful experience for attendees. The conference will feature alternate speeches by Endeavor Network’s experts and Italian fashion and design industry leaders that will address hot topics in three different sessions:
  • Sustainability
    How digital and innovative technologies may improve the corporate sustainability of Fashion and Design companies to reduce their environmental and social footprint and introduce circular economy strategies.
  • Investments
    How venture capital and private equity funds may update their operations to accommodate the growth needs of fashion and design companies, and how these brands can align their interests and governance structure after having obtained an investment.
  • Retail and Digital Transformation
    How traditional retail schemes may be disrupted in favor of more innovative omnichannel and digital strategies, to make brands more agile and enable them to offer personalized solutions to their customers.
Cloud4Wi will participate in Fashion & Design – Innovation and Investment Trends as an active player and will share its insightful vision of the innovation in fashion and design. Our CEO, Andrea Calcagno, will join the session “Retail and Digital Transformation”.
If you’d like to discover how fashion and design companies are dealing with the digital transformation, join us next Tuesday!