ruckus wireless

Ruckus Wireless Overview

Ruckus Wireless brings reliable, secure and high-performance connectivity to even the most challenging WiFi environments. Ruckus’ standard-setting Smart WiFi technology combines breakthroughs in adaptive RF control, application-aware quality of service (QoS), advanced security, and highly resilient and adaptable mesh networking. Together, these capabilities give businesses the predictable, reliable and scalable wireless connectivity customers expect.

What can an integrated Cloud4Wi and Ruckus Wireless solution offer?

  • Carrier-grade guest WiFi offers simple, one-stop management and control of the entire guest WiFi environment
  • WiFi analytics enable collecting actionable insights into customers and their on-site behaviors
  • WiFi marketing tools mean to deliver targeted, local messaging to enhance customer engagement
  • Open environment makes guest WiFi work towards specific needs
  • Support for multiple technologies enables other initiatives, such as beacons

The integrated Cloud4Wi and Ruckus Wireless solution helps businesses get the most from their wireless investments, and turn their guest WiFi infrastructure into a foundation for business growth.

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