Volare is a powerful, cloud-based services platform that delivers next-gen guest Wi-Fi. Visitors of brick-and-mortar businesses are able to connect to the Wi-Fi through a quick and seamless process, while businesses collect analytics to help them better understand who customers are and how they behave. Using this information, campaigns can be created – straight on the Volare platform – to personally engage on-site customers.

What can an integrated Cloud4Wi and EnGenius solution offer?

  • Carrier-grade Guest Wi-Fi includes brandable welcome portals and fully customizable login and internet settings.
  • Analytics insights to understand who customers are and how they behave while in the venue, and make smarter, data-driven business decisions.
  • Marketing tools to create and run targeted campaigns that personally reach customers through direct and indirect channels.
  • Open environment allows Volare to be integrated with existing IT environments, such as IT systems, mobile apps, and web applications.
  • Support for multiple technologies means Volare can easily and flexibly work with other initiatives - such as beacons, to deliver a greater overview for businesses.

Together, Volare and EnGenius can provide a Wi-Fi solution that works to deliver superior on-site experiences to customers, while giving businesses the opportunity to do more.