Sponsored by the Digital360 high-tech editorial group, the Digital360 Awards showcase the best digital innovation projects from 50 CIOs of Italy’s largest companies.

After a long and in-depth analysis of more than 150 projects, the judges selected only 28 as finalists. The finalists had 7 minutes to present their projects live during a one-day workshop on June 7th, Then, the judges voted for the most appealing experiences.

Cloud4Wi is one of the 28 finalists with the Prada Group project. The Prada Group is a global leader in the luxury goods sector, with brands including Prada, Miu Miu, Church’s, Car Shoe and Marchesi 1824.

In 2015, The Prada Group realized that the absence of guest WiFi in their stores was affecting their customer base’s loyalty and satisfaction. The Prada Group’s customers wanted Internet access, and they also wanted easy social media access in order to share their in-store experiences.

Given their number of brands and store locations, The Prada Group knew that rolling out guest WiFi would be a complex challenge. They required a solution that would make it easy to roll out and manage the WiFi service globally, while ensuring a consistent customer experience.

The Prada Group chose to use Cloud4Wi’s Volare to:

  • Collect insight into customer demographics and in-store behavior
  • Enrich customer profiles with valuable in-store attributions
  • Personalize the in-store customer experience with both a digital and human touch.

On June 28, in an open event for the public, institutions and the press, the winners will be proclaimed for the originality of ideas, replication of projects and real benefits.