Cup of Coffee is a sample coffeehouse chain serving up a variety of drinks and pastries. With its cozy living room-like atmosphere, Cup of Coffee attracts those looking to be productive in a relaxed environment. Hassle-free Wi-Fi is provided to encourage customers to stay longer and enjoy more coffee.

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Coffee Welcome Portal Mobile

Coffee Shop Locations

Cup of Coffee is California-based and can be found throughout Northern and Southern California.

Design the path customers take to get online

Create ideal Customer Journeys to reach business goals and encourage customer engagement

Coffee Welcome Portal Mobile
Coffee Access Journey 3
Coffee Access Journey 4
Splash page appears promoting seasonal drinks and snacks
Customer lands on the Welcome Portal and logs in
Customer can access special promos by filling out a survey
Once disconnected, an offer is sent to the customer enticing them to return again soon


See how different applications can be used to build the chain's brand and encourage repeat customers

Cup of Coffee Advertising App

Promote business initiatives

Trigger splash page ads to promote special menu items, mobile app downloads, and third-party advertisements.

Welcome Portal

Offer easy onboarding

Fully customizable Welcome Portals can be created so that the look and feel are in line with branding and customers experience quick and seamless onboarding.

Cup of Coffee Welcome Portal Apps
Cup of Coffee Coupon App

Promote special deals

Offer coupons to keep customers happy and entice them to add additional items to their orders


Collect customer feedback

Prompt surveys to understand customer preferences and improve operations.

Cup of Coffee Survey App
Cup of Coffee Social Media App
Social Media

Boost social media presence

Ask customers to ‘Like’ and ‘Follow’ the chain's social media accounts and ‘Check-in’ to the coffee shop. Encourage them share their coffee shop experience or show off latte art on their own feeds.


Reach customers with targeted messages

Create triggered campaigns to send personalized emails that inspire loyalty and build long-lasting customer relationships.

Cup of Coffee Email App
Cup of Coffee External Links App
External Links

Link to business-related sites and advertisements

Direct customers to the coffee shop's homepage, frequent buyer sign-up page, and other related links.


Discover attraction and retention rates

Gain valuable insights into who on-site visitors are and how they behave. Use this information to improve operations and business strategies.

Volare Analytics
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