Lead through
COVID-19 disruption

Embrace location-based personal data
and safely communicate with
your customers and employees


Leading global companies rely on Cloud4Wi

burger king


Make it easy to subscribe to your safety program

  • Enable your customers and employees to easily and safely subscribe to your safety program, directly from their own device
  • Provide your customers and employees with multiple options — including WiFi splash page, QR code, and text message


Digitally check-in customers and employees at their arrival

  • Safely check-in your customers and employees when they visit your locations for a responsive outreach
  • Provide customers and employees with multiple options —including your WiFi or even your mobile app


Gain on-site behavioral insights for data-driven decisions

  • Discover when your customers and employees visit your locations, and how long they stay
  • Understand how customers and employees react to your communications and how to improve them


Connect with your customers and employees at the right moment

  • Send business and COVID-19 updates to your customers and employees
  • Send real-time messages to your customers and employees while in your locations
  • Encourage your customers and employees to complete your surveys from their own device
  • Inform customers and employees that might have come into contact with a confirmed COVID-19 case while in your location

What’s next?

Empower one-to-one relationships with your customers

  • Nurture your customers and invite them to subscribe to your company’s programs and build long lasting relationships with them
  • Deliver perfectly-tailored communications at the right moment with +30% lift in click-through rate, thanks to real-time behavioral insights

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