Location-based marketing

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location-based marketing


Collect visitor identities and on-site behaviors to activate location based messaging.

location based messages

Spot visitor identity

Easily collect and manage the identity of your visitors in compliance with privacy regulations. Target identified visitors in your location marketing campaigns.

Predict visitors who will convert

Use predictive analytics to discover visitors that are likely to convert and send them targeted messages while their interest is high.

Unearth visitor behaviors

Reveal in real time the behaviors of identified visitors within your locations to initiate your location marketing campaigns at the right time.

Build 360-degree customer profiles

Enrich your customer profiles with on-site attributes for a more comprehensive view of customers across all channels.


Use on-site behaviors to group identified visitors into micro-segments for more effective location-based marketing.

Location marketing

Discover target audiences

Identify appropriate target audiences for your location-based marketing campaigns by adopting Volare Compass’s powerful AI-driven algorithms.

Target audiences with precision

Gain insights into your audiences to deliver relevant messages. Easily maximize your location-based marketing ROI.

Build micro-segments

Group identified visitors into different micro-segments based on their attributes and actions performed while in your locations.

Expand your targeting

Feed micro-segments into your marketing stack to create lookalike audiences and successfully scale your targeting.


Plan and measure your campaigns with out-of-the-box location-based marketing tools.


Engage visitors in real-time

Trigger tailored messages to your identified visitors instantly based on their on-site behavior and brand interactions.

Select the right channel

Send tailored messages to your identified visitors by selecting the method – text message, email or push notification – that works best.

Deliver smart content

Enrich your location based messages by offering smart content – such as surveys, coupons or video advertising – determined by on-site behaviors.

Extend your channels

Make WiFi login process part of your location marketing strategies by offering relevant content to your visitors when they access your guest WiFi.


Integrate identified visitors into your existing marketing strategies with an open and flexible architecture.


Empower your marketing stack

Choose from a rich set of APIs, webhooks and integrations to feed your marketing stack and reinvent your marketing.

Supercharge your mobile apps

Enhance your existing mobile apps with special features by using the mobile SDK. For example, include seamless onboarding directly from the mobile app.

Create personalized experiences

Customize on-site experiences for your identified visitors by delivering relevant, context-aware messages during the WiFi experience.

Prepare for unified commerce

Deliver seamless, customer-centric experiences across and between channels. Your locations play a key role in building an effective, unified commerce strategy.

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