Cloud4Wi wins the Made in Italy Awards 2015

October 2, 2015

We are proud to announce that Cloud4Wi, the platform to revolutionize guest WiFi has won the Made in Italy Awards 2015 in the Digital Media category! TheMade in Italy Awards are organized to recognize and celebrate the notable Italian personalities, artists and businesses, each in their own sector, who have made the most significant contribution to Italy’s influence and prestige in the Unites States.

Organized with the endorsement of the Italian Trade Agency, the Made in Italy Awards reached its final voting stages during the summer, with the participation of over 20,000 people who cast their votes online and on social media. The awards ceremony will take place in New York where the 2016 edition will also be announced. The Awards are assigned in eight categories, which group the over 200 selected brands & professionals who took part at the 2015 edition.

Cloud4Wi is an innovative cloud platform that enhances guest WiFi at venues (retail stores, restaurants and shopping malls among other places). Using Cloud4Wi, businesses can provide customers with a fully customizable guest WiFi and an enhanced on-site experience to connect them to their brand and increase their loyalty. The platform enables businesses to collect valuable information on their customers and better understand their behaviors.

Businesses can also customize the user journey to deliver relevant, personalized content and influence customers’ purchase intents. Leveraging Cloud4Wi’s SDK, businesses have the opportunity to build their own applications to optimize their operations and provide customers with a seamless digital experience while they are onsite.

For more information about this award please visit Made in Italy Awards.


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