Privacy Statement for Individuals


This privacy policy explains how Cloud4Wi collects, stores and processes end user data, in particular location data.

Cloud4Wi collects positions either via an SDK embedded into partner mobile apps, or via external data providers.

Location data from mobile apps are collected only if the device owner has consented to location data sharing with the app and specifically with Cloud4Wi for the purposes of analytics (e.g. city flows, traffic patterns, visits to POIs) and advertising (i.e. building de-identifies audiences of device owners with specific geo-behaviors).

Data we collect

Cloud4Wi might collect the following, and only the following information:

  • Visited locations and timestamp
  • Motion activity
  • Time and date
  • Mobile device model and language
  • Operating System version
  • Advertising IDsOn Android only, Cloud4Wi might collect the list of installed apps
  • The above mentioned information is collected either via our SDK, using the HTTPS protocol,or via server-to-server data transfer.
    Cloud4Wi can also collect other pieces of information from the app, limited to non-nominative information, with the same goals of above. This can include age, gender or other non-nominative information.

    We also collect data regarding users’ online activities over time and across non-affiliated web sites, mobile applications, or online services, as applicable, for the purpose of using such data to predict user preferences or interests to deliver advertising to a computer or device based on the preferences or interests inferred from such users’ online activities;

    Our third-party service providers, including Tapad UK Limited, may set and/or access cookies or other data collection technology that collect information (not including name, address, email address or telephone number) about user visits to this and other websites, mobile websites and/or mobile applications across its various devices, in order to provide content and advertisements about goods and services of interest to you across those various devices. If you would like more information about this practice and to know your choices with respect to it, please refer to the relevant third parties’ privacy policies. Tapad’s privacy policy is available at”.

    How we use the data

    We use the aggregated collected data primarily to analyze physical locations. In order to accomplish this we will also infer some information to profile anonomyzed users who have visited specific locations.

    We also use this information in order to build geo-behavioral clusters of non-nominative Advertising IDs (e.g. users who have visited specific POIs or with specific travel or commute patterns), which can be used by advertisers in the context of location-relevant campaigns and post-campaign analysis.

    User-related information we infer can include: user’s typical locations such as home area, work area and other demographics such as age range, gender and income bracket. We can also infer interests and purchase intent. This information is solely derived from locations.

    We do not sell raw data to any third parties. However, in order to deliver the service, part of the information can be accessed by our clients and partners including digital marketers, ad agencies, web publishers, demand side platforms, data management platforms or supply-side platforms which are listed below.

    For a list of these third parties, and a link to their privacy policies, please see below.

    Apps hosting our SDK can access user-specific data and related analysis, limited to their user base. To learn about specific app’s privacy practices, please refer to the app’s privacy policy.

    To avoid all doubt: we will never use the data to attempt to gain personal information such as name, phone number, bank details, work or home exact address, religion, sexual persuasion etc.


    You can prevent all or specific apps from accessing your location on both iOS and Android:

    iOS: Settings > Privacy > Location Services and then either toggle Location Services to OFF for all apps, or limit access only to specific apps.

    Android: on Android the procedure depends on the specific vendor / manufacturer. Please feel free to write an email at for support.

    You can also limit the use of some kinds of information for advertising purposes at any time on both iOS and Android:
    iOS: Settings > Privacy > Advertising > toggle “Limit Ad Tracking” to ON.

    Android: Google Settings > Ads > check “Opt Out of Interest-Based Ads”.

    If you would like Tapad (our cross-device data provider) to stop collecting device data in the web browser environment, please click on the Opt-Out link displayed on this page:

    You may also opt out from other companies’ data collection practices via the NAI’s opt-out page here or the DAA’s opt-out page here.

    If you would like Tapad to stop collecting device data for your mobile applications, please download the DAA’s AppChoice tool for your mobile Operating System and opt out through the application.

    Data storage, security and retention

    Cloud4Wi maintains commercially reasonable administrative, technical, and physical safeguards to help protect your personal information in an effort to prevent loss, misuse, and unauthorized access, disclosure, alteration and destruction.

    We generally retain data for no longer than 36 months and 13 months in EEA countries and Switzerland.

    GDPR user rights

    In accordance to the GDPR, we provide users the right to access and erase Personal Data we directly collect. If you wish to exercise your right to access or erase your Personal Data, please contact us via email at Please note that you need to be able to prove to be the owner of the data you are requesting beyond reasonable doubt.

    Changes to this policy

    Cloud4Wi can change this policy from time to time. If we change this policy, all our partner apps will be informed via mail.

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