Cloud4Wi provides Fondazione Palazzo Strozzi with a new digital visitor experience

March 17, 2022
Fondazione Palazzo Strozzi

We are proud to be selected as the technology partner by Fondazione Palazzo Strozzi to deliver new digital visitor experiences.

What’s Fondazione Palazzo Strozzi?

A dynamic cultural center of international importance offering a world-class program of art exhibitions, installations, and much more. A masterpiece of Florentine Renaissance architecture, Palazzo Strozzi produces and organizes exhibitions that range from critically acclaimed historical surveys of old masters to shows and installations by leading contemporary artists—a unique mix of historical setting and contemporary program that makes Palazzo Strozzi an active workshop for the new and a platform between Florence and the world.

How does Cloud4Wi power the Fondazione Palazzo Strozzi?

Cloud4Wi will enable Palazzo Strozzi to create unified experiences all over their spaces, from the courtyard to the exhibit rooms, enhancing visitor experiences. Cloud4Wi’s location-based technology, launched on the exhibition opening Donatello, Il Rinascimento, will allow Palazzo Strozzi to create a new Wi-Fi connectivity through which they will deliver compelling content, and create a two-way conversation with their visitors.

fondazione Palazzo Strozzi splash page

What Fondazione Palazzo Strozzi says

Arturo Galansino, General Director of Fondazione Palazzo Strozzi, said: “The core of a place like Palazzo Strozzi is the works of art that act on multiple levels on the audience’s perception. Today more than ever, museums and art performing centers must become visitor-centered, aiming at creating a 360-degree experience that involves visitors both physically and digitally.”

Galansino continued: “It’s more and more necessary to get to know visitors, personalize interactions with them, collecting their feedback, and provide them with compelling digital services directly on their smartphones, leveraging a multichannel experience as much engaging as possible”.

What this means for us

Mauro Aprile Zanetti, Chief Business Evangelist of Cloud4Wi, commented: “Cloud4Wi is elated for being chosen by the Palazzo Strozzi as their technology partner to design an innovative cutting-edge experience in one of the world-renown symbols of Renaissance. Florence was the cradle of a unique cultural revolution, and we are sure that it can prove to be one step ahead in Italy for digital revolution today.”

Zanetti added: “Museums, theatres, art performing centers are a very specific reality compared to other kinds of organizations, brands, and companies that we currently serve over 120 countries. That said, common to each different sector is a new challenge: it’s not just about promoting events and products, but to create a community and to keep it engaged thanks to a new kind of digital engagement whose main player is the visitor. Cloud4wi supports cultural organizations enabling them with the most appropriate digital transformation based on visitor’s data and behaviors, delivering the more compelling experience for them.”

Looking to enhance your cultural center, museum, or theater with a digital visitor experience? Ask Cloud4Wi to discover how we can help you.

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