Cloud4Wi named one of the Top 10 Retail Tech Solution Providers of 2022 by CIO Review

May 25, 2022
CIO review

We are proud to announce that our company, Cloud4Wi has been named amongst the top 10 retail tech solution providers of 2022 by CIO Review. Amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, different technological trends have come to light as businesses increasingly focused their marketing efforts online. CIO Review has named 10 retail tech solution providers that have made significant contributions to the retail sector through paying close attention to the buying patterns and behaviors of customers.

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What is CIO Review?

CIO Review is an enterprise technology magazine that focuses on enabling digital transformation by providing trustworthy information about the solutions and services that can be found in the e-commerce world. As a reliable base of knowledge, readers of CIO Review can find out more about the insights and opinions of several key leaders in the business world and tech arena through community resources and vetted content.

Why CIO Review chose our company

Customer location data is one of the greatest resources retail stores can tap into when understanding the behavioral patterns of customers. Our innovative platform at Cloud4Wi allows retailers to learn more about customer behavior, both inside and outside their physical locations. Empowered with this in-depth knowledge, retailers can trigger the most relevant messages at the right place and the right time along the customer journey. Our wide base of clients includes Guess, Lacoste, Burger King, Prada and many others! With this in mind, we unleash countless mobile-focused use cases – with and without mobile apps,  inside and outside retailer’s locations– that build loyalty and drive revenue.

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