Empower your app
with our mobile SDK

Add an automatic and secure WiFi onboarding, and
a deterministic location awareness into your mobile app

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Leading global companies rely on Cloud4Wi

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Viejas Casino & Resort
wifi onboarding

Automatic and secure WiFi onboarding

Get customers online automatically at their arrival

  • Connect customers automatically without having the app open
  • Provide a secure WiFi regardless of the hotspot technology
  • Be sure the app is running smoothly while on site regardless of mobile coverage
  • Boost your mobile app adoption and usage

Deterministic location awareness

Deliver real-time, location-based experiences to your customers

  • Digitally check-in your customers at their arrival
  • Unearth on-site customer actions (nearby interactions, visits, dwell time, and exits)
  • Profile your customers based on their on-site behaviors
  • Be independent from smartphone location services
  • Get the high precision level of BLE beacon, using just your WiFi
location awareness

Our mobile SDK makes your job easier


Integrate Cloud4Wi’s mobile SDK into your mobile app in a just 30 minutes. We provide you with a native SDK that works with any platform.


Customize your subscription experience based on your specific business needs, while being compliant with privacy regulations.


Cloud4Wi’s mobile SDK works seamlessly with the majority of WiFi manufacturers, and it is native for Android, IOs, React Native and Cordova.

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