Cloud4Wi Mobile Management Allows Retailers to Control WiFi Marketing Campaigns Remotely

April 1, 2015
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The new mobile app gives retailers access to a number of Cloud4Wi platform features, empowering them to define their WiFi marketing strategies at the click of a button.

SAN FRANCISCO – April 1, 2015 – Cloud4Wi, an innovative cloud-based Wi-Fi engagement platform, today announced the launch of Cloud4Wi Mobile Management providing retailers access to the Cloud4Wi platform on-the-go to control Wi-Fi marketing campaigns remotely. Cloud4Wi Mobile Management will be available on iOS and Android to Cloud4Wi customers in April 2015.

Cloud4Wi Mobile Management gives retailers access to a number of Cloud4Wi platform features, empowering them to define their Guest Wi-Fi strategies at the click of a button. This includes: Guest Wi-Fi – allowing retailers to create the splash portal, set the login options, and define the customer Wi-Fi usage plan; Analytics – providing retailers with valuable information such as number of visitors and customers, returning visitors and customers, visit durations and trends, distribution of customers’ age and gender; and lastly Marketing & Advertising – enabling retailers to create a couponing campaign and set parameters including description, image, time frame, number of coupons available as well as managing the couponing campaign and checking the required coupons.

Today’s connected shoppers are increasingly using mobile devices in-store to compare prices, search for deals and check items before purchasing and they constantly require access to Wi-Fi to stay connected. Cloud4Wi provides a one-stop-shop via its cloud-based platform. Using Cloud4Wi, retailers can deliver a fully customizable Guest Wi-Fi and an enhanced on-site experience to shoppers; they can also analyze valuable data about their customers to better understand their behavior and offer more customized marketing initiatives.

Moreover, Cloud4Wi is the only open Wi-Fi engagement platform with an SDK and API readily available for developers. This approach allows retailers to create their own web applications, by matching the look and feel of their brand and addressing their specific business needs. For instance, retailers could use the platform to launch customer applications, which collate orders for a faster check out, or monitor the relationship with customers over time to ensure the best level of customer service support.

Consumers today expect a great mobile experience. Around half of customers will search for deals and coupons online before making an in-store purchase, about the same amount that will use a Wi-Fi enabled mobile device to do so1,” said Andrea Calcagno, Chief Executive Officer, Cloud4Wi. “Brands not leveraging Guest Wi-Fi are missing out when it comes to creating an enhanced experience for shoppers. Cloud4Wi Mobile Management means retailers are always up-to-date on the latest in-store trends even when on the go. This allows them to make changes to their Guest Wi-Fi strategies, create a more customized marketing experience for shoppers and increase loyalty to positively impact their bottom line.

 Motorola White Paper, 4 Steps to Make the Most of Your Guest Wi-Fi, July 2013.

About Cloud4Wi

Cloud4Wi is an open Wi-Fi engagement platform that enhances Guest Wi-Fi access at venues (retail stores, restaurants and coffee shops among other places). Utilizing a cloud platform and matching web applications, businesses are able to provide an enriched Guest Wi-Fi experience, to engage with customers in real time and increase customer loyalty and retention. Leveraging powerful analytics, businesses can design a fully customizable user journey to push marketing and advertising messages. Powered by the comprehensive SDK, Cloud4Wi enables businesses to build their own web applications to optimize their operations and provide customers with a seamless digital experience while they are on site.

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