June 24, 2022

Cloud4Wi Launches WiFi Analytics Service Nationwide Following San Francisco Bay Area Beta Success


Fog provides business owners in San Francisco Bay Area with powerful WiFi analytics

LAS VEGAS/SAN FRANCISCO – May 6, 2015 – Cloud4Wi, an innovative cloud-based Wi-Fi engagement platform, today announced its Fog service is available nationwide for local businesses. Fog, a plug-and-play smart Wi-Fi solution including a powerful mobile application, allows local businesses such as coffee shops, restaurants, and mom and pop shops to personalize their free Wi-Fi, get to know their customers better and offer unique promotions via their smartphone. Businesses in the Bay Area that signed up for Fog Beta saw 56% in repeat visits during an average week.

Fog is quick to set-up and easy to use. Local businesses just need to connect the Fogspot gateway to their Internet connection and start offering free, one-click Wi-Fi access to their customers. Customers can start browsing in a few seconds using their social network account or by providing information such as email address. Once connected, customers can check out the latest special offers and coupons on the business’ branded welcome page.

Now for the first time, Fog offers WiFi analytics, which allows local businesses to see the number of first-time and repeat customers and note the duration of their stay, even if they didn’t access the free Wi-Fi. In addition, Fog provides business owners with a powerful mobile application enabling them to track customer trends in real-time and alter their Wi-Fi marketing strategy from anywhere using only their smartphone.

Fog Beta went live in San Francisco Bay Area in October 2014 with a total of 93 active locations. During the past three months, average weekly data showed that businesses using Fog not only had 56% in repeat visits but also customers were spending an average of 59 minutes on any given Internet session. The “hottest” day was Monday, whilst the “hottest” usage times were 1-4pm. Users were predominantly male (61%) with an average age of 20-35 years (67%). During an average week, businesses using Fog noted an average of 205 registered users per week, with an average of 603 total Internet sessions per week.

I think Fog is awesome. On top of the great free Wi-Fi service and analytics information, Fog has helped me grow my business and generate sales that are still climbing as we speak,” said Aquiles, Owner, Flywheel Coffee Roasters (Presidio).

Fog provides us with new ways to attract more customers through free Wi-Fi. We can analyze customers’ behaviors in real-time and promote our deals accordingly,” Ferdinando, Owner, South Beach Café (South Beach).

Fog is a dependable and easy to use solution that helped us create a more consistent way to offer Wi-Fi, track loyal customers and update the brand’s visual assets.” Lee, Owner, Bravado Lounge (South Beach).

Fog Beta has been such a success, we’re excited to roll it out to the entire US market,” said Andrea Calcagno, CEO of Cloud4Wi. “We have learned a great deal about Fog Beta. Using Fog, local businesses can actually make their free Wi-Fi smarter with little time and effort. They can easily transform the Wi-Fi they provide with some smart tools to help them boost their sales via our plug-and-play Wi-Fi gateway and intuitive mobile app!

Fog is available nationwide today for $14 per month, for a limited time. For more information and to sign up, please visit fog.cloud4wi.com. Cloud4Wi will present the new Fog service at Collision, a grand conclave of tech’s high priests, in Downtown Las Vegas.

About the data
Cloud4Wi’s Fog data is anonymized data showing the weekly average over a three month period (February 15th – April 15th, 2015).

About Cloud4Wi
Cloud4Wi is an open Wi-Fi engagement platform that enhances Guest WiFi access at venues (retail stores, restaurants and coffee shops among other places). Utilizing a cloud platform and matching web applications, businesses are able to provide an enriched Guest Wi-Fi experience, to engage with customers in real time and increase customer loyalty and retention. Leveraging powerful analytics, businesses can design a fully customizable user journey to push marketing and advertising messages. Powered by the comprehensive SDK, Cloud4Wi enables businesses to build their own web applications to optimize their operations and provide customers with a seamless digital experience while they are on site.
For more information, visit www.cloud4wi.com/

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