June 24, 2022

Cloud4Wi Launches Fog Free WiFi in San Francisco

fog free wifi

Cloud4Wi announced the launch of their latest free WiFi solution for small and medium-sized businesses in the San Francisco Bay Area

SAN FRANCISCO – October 1, 2014 — Cloud4Wi, an innovative cloud platform provider for managing and monetizing WiFi services, today announced the launch of their latest solution for small and medium-sized businesses. The new service, Fog Free WiFi, is now available in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Today customers of every type of business expect available WiFi anytime and anywhere they are. Businesses of all kinds including retail locations, coffee shops, restaurants, hotels, salons and spas, and medical and dental offices have unique opportunities to engage customers through their individual WiFi services.

Cloud4Wi’s Fog Free WiFi (“Fog”) provides small and medium sized businesses (SMBs) with a powerful WiFi marketing solution for advertising, branding and couponing at an SMB-friendly price point. The service is plug and play, ready to use and fully customizable.

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Business owners can easily set up the service without any configuration: They only need to plug Fog’s high performance router into their existing Internet DSL or cable modem. In a few clicks, SMBs can brand the splash page with their business’ unique look and feel, manage the free WiFi service, and advertise promotions through email blasts and coupons.

Customers connect quickly. No time-consuming or complicated login forms are required. Users can start browsing in a few seconds through social network accounts or by providing email addresses. In return, business owners can extend the reach of their brands on social media and gain valuable analytics on customer behavior. They can improve marketing campaigns and drive greater revenue.

We are thrilled to introduce our latest solution, Fog Free WiFi, in the San Francisco Bay Area,” said Andrea Calcagno, CEO of Cloud4Wi. “Using Fog Free WiFi, SMBs can provide their customers with WiFi free of charge with little time and effort. Additionally, these merchants’ free WiFi becomes a powerful tool for customer engagement, repeat business, and ultimately greater profit.

With the proliferation of Wi-Fi as the dominant and cheapest access technology in indoor environments, this is another example of relentless innovations occurring in the Wi-Fi space. Cloud4Wi is enabling business owners to engage with their customers at a new level with more relevant marketing,” said Adlane Fellah, Founder and CEO, of Maravedis.

For more information about Fog Free WiFi, visit fog.cloud4wi.com

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