June 24, 2022

Cloud4Wi included in the MarTech Landscape 2019


Cloud4Wi is thrilled to be included in the 2019 edition of the Marketing Technology Landscape! Our company is part of the list’s Retail Proximity & IoT Marketing sub-category, and no other direct competitors were mentioned alongside Cloud4Wi.

We’re proud to be part of this year’s landscape, and Cloud4Wi’s inclusion reinforces the importance of what we’re doing in the retail industry.

MarketingTechnology Landscape 2019

What is the MarTech Landscape?

Created by Scott Brinker, the editor of the Chief Marketing Technologist Blog, the MarTech Landscape is a collection of marketing technology vendors and solution providers across various digital marketing channels.

First released in 2011, the original MarTech Landscape had just around 150 vendors. The list has grown year over year, and today, there are 7,040 companies on the landscape. Just like with its previous versions, the 2019 Marketing Technology Landscape uses a “Supergraphic” to showcase all the companies on the list. This year, though, Brinker is also giving users access to a free Excel spreadsheet of all 7,000+ solution providers.

The categories for this year’s edition include:

  • Advertising & Promotion
  • Content & Experience
  • Social & Relationships
  • Commerce & Sales
  • Data
  • Management

Cloud4Wi, which offers an AI-driven application suite for location services, falls under Commerce & Sales, and is included in the Retail Proximity & IoT Marketing sub-category.

Other notable companies in this year’s landscape include Cisco, IBM, Oracle, and SAP.

What this means for Cloud4Wi

At Cloud4Wi we know the significance of location services for all types of businesses, and so we’re excited to be recognized by the marketing technology community. Being part of this year’s list solidifies our presence in the industry, and this drives us to keep pushing innovative location solutions for brands.

We’re looking forward to the upcoming editions of the Marketing Technology Landscape, and we’ll be working hard to ensure that Cloud4Wi stays on the list in the years ahead!

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