Cloud4Wi in Clarks stores

July 27, 2015

Today’s press release describing a 500-store guest WiFi installation in the UK says more about our company than may be obvious. Here’s a link to the release, but let me also explain what the news means to our friends and customers.

Enabling a seamless shopping experience at Clarks

Clarks shoes, where the network has been installed, is a global shoe company with storefronts on High Street as well as the Internet. Guest WiFi is the beginning of bringing together brick-and-mortar and online shopping. Such a unified experience is what the digital consumer expects.

Helping companies create a seamless online and in-person shopping experience is a huge part of the Cloud4Wi mission. That and helping gather, analyze and use big data for the benefit of both shoppers and merchants. We drive experiences intended to delight shoppers.

Partnering with Jade Solutions

We play well with others. Our partner, Jade Solutions, integrates the Cloud4Wi technology into its CROWD brand name and handles the installation and support for Clarks. We use partners to support our global customers and avoid channel conflict. Want to become a partner?

Smart OnBoarding, in use at Clarks, helps merchants gather important information about their shoppers.

What is Smart OnBoarding? To access the guest WiFi network, users provide an email or social media login, typically Facebook. The user may also be presented survey questions that, combined with an email address and Facebook profile, gives the merchant valuable new customer information.

Smart OnBoarding gathers information and creates a customer path that traditional simple onboarding does not.

Offering much more

We do much more than guest WiFi and Smart OnBoarding, but our customers use what they need and can expand when they choose. Not included in the Clarks installation are a merchant portal, presence or location analytics. Those are explained in detail on our website.

We are excited to get a foot in the door at Clarks shoes (pun noted) and thrilled to work with such an excellent partner as Jade Solutions. This installation demonstrates that we can provide fairly simple guest WiFi that provides a real benefit – customer profile information – to the merchant.

We have more news coming as well as blogs describing our technology and our company’s role in the industry. Please check back weekly.

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