June 24, 2022

Cloud4Wi is GDPR Compliant: Here’s what that means


Cloud4Wi is proud to be the first location analytics and marketing platform provider to achieve compliance with the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). This new framework for data protection comes into effect on May 25, 2018, but already provides benefits to the worldwide Cloud4Wi community.

The GDPR requires companies to implement reasonable data protection measures to protect consumers’ personal data and privacy against data loss or exposure. In detail, the new law outlines specific requirements and guidelines in different areas of data management and security, including individual rights and consent, data processing, minimization, portability, and security. Although the GDPR introduces new concepts, there are many similarities with the existing directives and regulations in place in Europe to which Cloud4Wi is already compliant.

GDPR compliance is required for companies that do business within the European Union. For some companies, compliance may be limited to EU customers and users.

Cloud4Wi  meets all requirements of the General Data Protection Regulation. In addition, Cloud4Wi will offer GDPR compliance to users and customers worldwide.

GDPR brings important changes

GDPR requires companies to implement privacy-by-design, so that information is always protected regardless of the application in use as well as development projects. Privacy must also be protected by default, ensuring that the least amount of personal data is in play at any time. Reducing the amount of accessible data is key to improving data protection.

If there is a data breach, it must be reported to authorities and customers within 72 hours from when a company first becomes aware of the incident. This will require a high-speed response that many companies today are unable or unwilling to provide.

Globalization makes the GDPR essentially a worldwide mandate for many companies, and their customer. The benefits from GDPR are substantial and keep Europe a leader in the protection of individual privacy and data protection.

Will the GDPR stop data breaches? No, it will not. But it should make them less serious, easier to manage, speed notifications, and give everyone better insight into data breach response. Those steps lay the foundation for greater data protection going forward.

How we comply with GDPR

Cloud4Wi has always understood that our business is ultimately based on customer and user trust in our ability to protect the large amount of data we collect. We have always taken this seriously. We consider ourselves to be at the forefront of privacy and best practices in our industry, and our membership in the Future of Privacy Forum is one example.

In the past months, we have conducted a detailed review of our tools, procedures and practices in light of the GDPR requirements. We have worked to implement the necessary changes and to develop the proper procedures to meet the requirements of the GDPR legislation. We want to give users the peace of mind that comes with knowing their data is protected, yet still accessible.

The Cloud4Wi Self Care Portal, available since the first release of Volare in March 2016, guarantees the individual’s “right of access” to all the information Cloud4Wi holds about them. Users have the right to update (or erase) information, as well as their marketing preferences.

Where previous EU laws allowed the use of implicit and opt-out consent in some circumstances, the GDPR requires users to signal consent “by a statement or clear affirmative action.” Volare provides a complete set of tools to make certain that consent is always informed and explicit. For example, we recently introduced new features and user experience changes to make consent very specific by separating the acceptance of the privacy policy with acceptance of the terms of use for the service.

These are just a few of the improvements undertaken by Cloud4Wi to ensure that each and every individual maintains control over their data and consent practices.  Cloud4Wi also meets the requirements of the other areas covered by the GDPR, which include data retention, minimization, pseudonymization, storage, portability and security.

GDPR is in everyone’s best interest

Cloud4Wi  is a leader in location analytics and marketing platforms, creating personalized customer experiences through user-specific data. We are also a leader in protecting that data and giving users control of what data is collected and how it is used. This is security that users and our customers demand and which we are proud to provide. Under the GDPR, each and every individual must maintain control over both their data and consent.

In the coming month and years, we expect to see improvements in technology and practices that provide even better protection and great user control, without compromising our platform functions and benefits for both our customers and their users.

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