Cloud4Wi featured in Top 20 Companies of the year 2022 by the Executive Headlines

June 28, 2022
Top 20 companies of the year 2022

The Executive Headlines has chosen 20 companies to feature in their “Leading Companies of The Year 2022.” Our company, Cloud4Wi, is amongst one of these 20 in recognition of how our location-based marketing platform helps to fill the gap in the customer journey.

Today, many businesses have both an online presence and a brick-and-mortar store. Location-based marketing platforms helps companies bridge the gap in the sales funnel and bring customers closer to where they need to be. At Cloud4Wi, our company offers a comprehensive location-based marketing platform that helps companies connect with customers in more relevant ways.

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What is The Executive Headlines?

As the leading magazine for entrepreneurs and businesspeople, The Executive Headlines focuses on sharing information and resources that will be invaluable to readers in their specific industries. The magazine is available both in print and digitally, and a wide range of concepts and ideas are discussed, including IT services, healthcare, cloud, startup, education, and so much more. Influential leaders and decision makers who are involved in the running of a business will find that The Executive Headlines is the platform they need to stay connected with the latest and most relevant technological trends.

Why Cloud4Wi got this recognition

Cloud4Wi provides the most comprehensive location-based marketing platform. With Cloud4Wi, companies can offer a seamless and secure WiFi for customers —with and without a mobile app. Companies can then provide customers with timely location-aware messaging both inside and outside their locations.

Leading innovative companies – including Burger King, Campari Group, Carmila, Guess, The Cordish Companies, and Valentino – rely on Cloud4Wi to drive business outcomes.

lCloud4Wi has an expanding global presence that is currently headquartered in New York City, with offices in San Francisco, Milan and Pisa.

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